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Woodstock Legal Consultants differs from other law firms in our commitment to our clients. Unlike some firms, at WLC your contact will be with a lawyer, not a secretary or paralegal. And with Woodstock Legal Consultants, you can be assured all the important aspects of your case will be handled by an attorney.

Following are articles, client resources, and links on a variety of topics.

Parent or not? Civil Unions and Parentage in Illinois:
By Carl W. Gilmore (91KB PDF
Challenging DNA in Paternity Cases:
Finding Weaknesses in an Evidentiary Goliath
By Carl W. Gilmore (779KB PDF
Understanding the Illinois Child's
Representative Statute

By Carl W. Gilmore (1.13MB PDF)
Illinois Parentage Law
By Carl W. Gilmore (189K PDF)
Public Law Library
Why should I change account beneficiaries after a divorce?
(42KB PDF)
Child Custody Types
(69KB PDF)
What is a QDRO?
(48KB PDF)
What you need to know about achieving custody.
(9 KB PDF)
Understanding Property and Maintenance
(72 KB PDF)
Client Resources
Get these Family Advocate issues edited by Carl Gilmore.

You've Got Choices
A Client Manual

This client handbook highlights the many choices that divorcing parties can make as they settle property and custody issues in their divorce case. Alimony, keeping legal costs down, parenting, employment, and many other topics are included.
(357K PDF)

The 50+ Divorce
A Handbook for Clients

A must for anyone who is going through or has recently gone through a mid-life divorce. Articles cover retirement, financial fitness, estate planning options, health-care coverage, potential problems to avoid, and suggestions to facilitate the economic transformation from married life to that of a single person.
(278K PDF)
Coparenting During and After Divorce
A Handbook for Parents

The articles and information in this client manual are designed to help parents who are going through (or have recently completed) the divorce process in order to provide the most beneficial opportunities for coparenting and reinforce the right of children to share both parents.
(449K PDF)
My Parents are Getting Divorced
A Handbook by and for Kids

Divorce can be very hard on kids and parents don't always know what to say or do. This handbook is the perfect guide for kids to read—or parents to read with them—in order to understand what to do with their feelings, what will happen to them, how to talk to a judge, and how to continue their lives.
(234K PDF)
Your Law Office Staff Manual

Communicating expectations, processes and prodcedures.
Some Client Nightmares Sneak Up on You

Handling a Criminal Charge in a Family Law Case
Assisted Reproductive Technologies

If you are asking yourself, "I'm a divorce lawyer, why do I need to know about ART?". Read this issue and find out.
Foreclosure Client Package
(2.91MB PDF)

United States 2010 Census Information
(1M PDF)

United States 2010 Census Brochure
(1.11 M PDF)

Release of Child Support Claim Form 8332
(229KB PDF)